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Would you like to improve communication with your French-speaking visitors, clients or suppliers?
Do you have to deal with documents written in French or write some yourself?
Do you have to make speeches in French or have meetings with French-speaking clients?
Or do you simply want to learn a language for travelling?

We all have different reasons for starting a language training. Fordikera is here to accompany you in your project!

Whether you are looking for a general language training, or a more business or tourism orientated course, Fordikera offers in company trainings with one-to-one sessions or small group trainings.

You can choose from ready-made courses or tailor-made programs according to:

  • your present level (participants are tested before the course begins),
  • your learning style,
  • your short and/or long term goals (very important in determining the programme and contents of the course) and your availabilities.
All our courses include a variety of dynamic activities, including role play exercises and simulations.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Contact: or +590.690/007170